Friday, November 14, 2008

How MUCH against the law is stalking?

I mean, is it worse, if say, your victim couldn't walk, or for that matter run, away from you?

I mean, certainly, LOVE has to account for some of it right? I mean, what if I'm madly, truly, head over heels, can't bear to live without you, don't make me go another day without seeing you, in deep? Would a judge show mercy?

I swear on my life I mean no harm. I only have LOVE in my heart - and my kids? Those boys over there that need a haircut and one of which needs his mouth washed out with Ivory Soap? THEY LOVE YOU. You belong to us. That OTHER family - the one that so carelessly and without affection, tossed you aside? They didn't deserve you. They don't love you like I love you. Or they would have never walked out.

I think you're beautiful just like you are. YOU.ARE.PERFECT. I swear, I would never leave you. Just let us prove to you what a great family we can all be. You'll see. You'll like it with us. LOVE it with us. We'll never ever let you go...

IT'S A HOUSE. I'M TALKING ABOUT A HOUSE. A HOUSE THAT HAS MY NAME ALL OVER IT, BUT NO..........I CAN'T SELL THIS i drive by. and i think about things that i should never think of. Like, how amazing it would be to see white xmas lights strung on the eves and see a HUGE xmas tree lit up in that big dining room window. Or a roaring fire in that fireplace. And what you can't see? There is a fire place on the porch. Built in the 60's way before outdoor fireplaces were hip - YEAH BABY. and that kitchen - totally redone. AND IT HAS A MAID'S QUARTERS. A MAID'S room. I know I don't have a maid...i have BETTER! Maids you have to actually pay and give time off to - I HAVE INDENTURED SERVANTS. Sure they're small - but they're the perfect size to squeeze behind stuff like the washer or dryer and get lint. And time off? They get that when they go to Dad's.
Meet the object of my affection, all 2700 sq feet of her. Ok, not really. Just a few small glimpses that I stole off of Goodnight house. Sweet dreams. I'll visit you tomorrow. It will be ok. It will all work out, I swear.


Chris said...

After four pictures, I want to buy it. What a beautiful YARD--among everything else, of course. Buy it. Now. :)

Rose said...

Oh, I know that feeling! Many years ago, every Sunday after church, my young daughter and I would go "visit" a teensy tiny townhome that I wanted to buy. As a single mother (whose ex paid no child support), I couldn't afford it, but it was the cheapest thing in a brand-new cool community. We'd visit, plan where the piano would go, test out what it would be like to climb the stair with groceries ...
I know how it feels. You're not really stalking, just visiting.