Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Britney, Bitch

I'm sorry. I know, I know I'm a potty mouth. BUT COME ON - who doesn't love saying that?

Guess what i did last night?

All eyes on me, in the middle of the ring...just like a CIRCUS...

Can you see her??...SQUINT REALLY HARD - my phone just did NOT due BRIT BRIT (or our amazing seats) justice - BECAUSE SHE RAWKED THE HOUSE. That girl has moves, and after watching her do her thing to FREAKSHOW, i'm pretty sure that sex room of hers that made the tabloids about a year ago - YEA, I'M THINKING IT EXISTS IRL.

The man that shall now be known as THE BEST MAN EVER - gave me club level passes (all you can eat and drink and cushy seats) for xmas! AND he went with me. I thought, how sweet of him to drag his butt along...but then, i realized, hey, wait a minute. How selfless really is this act? Women to men ratio 100:1. 50% of them in their 20's. Dressed to the hilt - stilletto's included....WTH - who's xmas present was this again?? Throw in the boner bonus he got while we were standing in line and i got hit on by another girl and good gawd you woulda thought he won the lottery.

Anyway - i love a comeback, i root for the underdog, and who doesn't want this girl to come back and kick some major bootie - and i need more than Pink to run to. Now, that's one girl who took her anger out in her music - THANK GOD FOR BREAK UPS. My gluts are ever grateful.

Here's the gratuitis mugging for the camera - yea, i know he looks happy - LOTS OF GIRLS.