Saturday, November 1, 2008

30 Days of Thanks

In honor of what this month is really about, I think it's appropriate to just say at least one thing I'm thankful for every day. So, today I'm thankful for my dad. It's his birthday today, so that makes it even more appropriate. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Things he taught me:
  1. How to chop wood.
  2. How to light a fire.
  3. How to mow the grass.
  4. How to drive a car.
  5. How to water ski.
  6. How to drive a boat so HE could water ski.
  7. How to snow ski.
  8. How to shoot a gun.
  9. How to fish.
  10. How to sew. Yes, sew. He likened it to following a pattern for woodworking - go figure.
  11. How to drive. He raced stock cars for a living up until I was born.
  12. How to appreciate really fine homes and antiques.
  13. Why preservation of historic homes is important.
  14. How to paint without drips and streaks, and whether you can use latex over oil (you can't) and why prepping first is important.
  15. How to use a nail gun without killing myself
  16. How to use a chop saw.
  17. How to use a circular saw.
  18. How to do minor electrical stuff, like wiring new outlets and hanging lights and ceiling fans.
  19. How to refinish furniture without taking my skin off.
  20. How to read blueprints.
  21. How to read if a sub-contractor or a contractor, for that matter, is lying.
  22. How to find my way around Home Depot.
  23. How to install a garbage disposal.
  24. How to use a wet saw.
  25. How to lay tile. Only work in small areas, don't get ahead of yourself. Wear gloves when grouting or your hands are gonna feel like they've been in the desert afterward. It takes really 3 or 4 good cleanings to REALLY get the haze off of new tile where it doesn't come back.
  26. Measure twice, cut once.
  27. Sometimes the garage is the safest place to be, or the best place to work out anger, sadness, or overall angst. Or hide. Sometimes you have to hide.
  28. Mistakes are lessons to NOT do something that way again. It's ok - it can be redone.
  29. You're probably going to know more about building and fixing things than any man you date. That's ok, don't rub it in, but if he won't at least TRY - let that be a lesson.
  30. Home Depot or Lowes CAN lower prices on stuff, JUST ASK. It's your money, you're the only one who can protect it.
  31. Girls are often better than boys at this stuff because we're THOROUGH.
  32. Don't ever let a tradesman talk down to you - you've learned from the best :)
  33. Some jobs are better left to the professionals. Know when.
  34. Get at least 3 quotes.
  35. Cheapest is just that - you get what you pay for.

My dad was often teased that he wanted a boy instead of a girl because of everything he made me learn. I don't believe that's at all true, I think he just wanted to spend time with me, and i with him. I know I learned so much more than what i listed - but it's the memories of us together while learning those things that will stay with me forever. I love you Dad.

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