Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sharing a Cheap Thrill.

No, not THAT kind of cheap thrill, but come to think of it, i probably AM due for one of THOSE.

No, this is a cheap thrill for your pocketbook.

I love candles. I HATE paying Yankee Candle prices. In fact, i have become the anti-yankee snob. Yep, i just don't even go NEAR a yankee candle store. A STORE for goodness sake - if they actually have a STORE, where do you think they're getting that rent from??? Focus Sheri focus...ok...as i was saying...i love candles. but i love my money more.

I.heart.walmart.mainstay.candles. Yep. Walmart. I have the strongest candle burning right now - and i only paid $5 for the large jar. It smells up the main common rooms - my great room, kitchen, dining room and i can almost smell it in my office. it is THAT strong.

Both of these below are very strong - both were $5. The green layered one is Pear,Baked Apple and Spiced Fig - and it is such a nice sugary pear scent. I think it's my favorite. The other is a caramel, cinnamon, baked apple mainstay (I threw away the tag and i can't remember the exact name - but it's the orangey-tan layered one - not the tan/cream one)..

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Natalie said...

This is my go-to gift now .... I used the pineapple during the summer and it was TO DIE FOR! On my next shopping trip to WM, I'll pick up the pear!

Thanks for the tip!