Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baptist Bootcamp..or child labor...whatever you call it, IT'S FREE.

"BUT MOM, I'M IN MY UNDERWEAR!" Why, yes, yes you ARE. But you're VACCUUMING in your underwear so I MUST take a picture - "BUT MOOOOOOOOOOM, STOP..."

Ah....the joys of chores, and allowances, and small children who want things that cost money.

Melissa over at The Inspired Room hosts Beautiful Life Fridays - and let me tell you, kids cleaning house makes for a beautiful life.

When we joined cub scouts I was ELATED to hear the den leader tell them that their cub scout dues of $4 are due every week and THEY HAVE TO EARN THEM BY DOING CHORES.

I think the clouds parted in the sky, the sun shone bright and angels started to sing....ok maybe not....but it was darn near close.

And yes, i have stopped picking up their room too. I get to have coffee and walk around and oversee. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR PEOPLE, and it is great. I mean look at this pigsty. Nevermind that it closely resembles another person's bedroom...ahem....i mean, i might have a small pile of laundry that needs to go to the cleaners but hey, i pay the mortgage so i can leave clothes wherever i want.

The list. It causes so much competition. Who gets the GOOD chores. Good chores?? There are good chores? It caused so much angst i had to make them take turns on choosing chores, so one kid didn't get "empty trash cans" and "dust" while the other had to clean the litter box and toilets.

In case you're wondering, it takes all morning to clean this itty bitty house because they do one chore and get a 10 minute play break, and then you have to factor in all the WHINING. From me.
But in the end, i get a clean smelling house, and boys that will one day know how to clean their own house and make their own dinner, and hopefully in the future, their wives will thank me for all the whining i had to do, i mean listen to.


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Productive honest work is good. When my daughter's girls don't do a good cleaning job, my daughter tells them they're not being "good slaves." LOL!

Holly said...

Nice! My kids have chores to do, but I wish I didn't have to constantly remind them! It's all written down in black and white.

Gina said...

I love this-we've been tackling chores little by little around here-and like you, I probably whine the most! It's a process I guess!

Had fun visiting your blog today-and love your post on standing the promises-yes, God does have a good sense of humor!