Monday, May 25, 2009

Girl power in a bathroom stall

Yesterday we cleaned the house like a couple of people possessed so that we could scurry to the beach for a few hours before the bad weather came back.

After spending 3 glorious hours without kids, laying on the beach, and watching all the other parents chase their children around - we decided to pack it up and head to this local dive that had live music for a burger and a beer, not necessarily in that order.

While Vance ordered, i ran to the restroom and when i came out of the stall, there were these 2 girls - young women of drinking age - standing at the sink.

One of them was sobbing, and from how the conversation was going, it didn't take long to determine it was over a young man. Her cheeks were stained black from all the maybelline mascara making her cheeks look like an atlas.

Girl #1: "...and then i said, Jjj..uhh..ssttii..nnnn, sniff, we just nnnnee-eed, sniff, to, like, and work on it..., and like, NOT SEE OTHER PEOPLE..."

Girl #2: "..look, you just need to TALK to him, and not, be like, all EMOTIONAL..."

Girl #3: "... I knnnoo..wwwWWWW"

And for just a split second, i thought about pulling a Miranda in the SATC episode where she overhears a conversation between girlfriends about why a guy hasn't called - all he's just not that into you- and telling this sweet, sobbing co-ed to suck it up, get over it, and get on with having fun.

Good lord. If i was her age and (and weight again) - I would SO be rockin my worth and NOT be sobbing over a man. What you learn at 30 versus 20 amazes me still.

Anyway, before i got the opportunity to insert myself unnecessarily, girl #2 walks over behind her sobbing friend and places her hands on each side of mascara dripping cheeks and tilts her friend's head so they're both looking in the mirror....and says:

"you are SO bringin' sexy back"

and i about peed my pants. i laughed, the masacara mess of a girl laughed and for a few split seconds, Justin whatever his name was, was forgotten.


Amy said...

This is an awesome story! Every girl needs a friend like that.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

You gotta love a good girlfriend! She'll let you cry on her shoulder and then tease you back to normalcy with a joke. So right about the diff between 20 and 30 ... and 40 and 50, in my case. They don't call the 50s your Wisdom Years for nothing.

America's Next Top Mommy said...

I totally agree with Amy. We all need a friend who can make us laugh while the mascara is dripping from our faces!