Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to the house thing again.

Remember last year when i did the post about listing my house for sale? And everyone was like, oh, what are you thinking, the market's tanking, the sky is falling, banks are NOT giving out mortgages to buyers, you're SCREWED, again, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??!?

Yeah, ok, you win.

SO. Now that it isn't selling I can really HAVE SOME FUN. But where to start?? I'm going to post a different room with each post - and let
you guys tell me what you see going in there. Or if my ideas rock or if they just won't work.

If i had to define my style - it's coastal living - which is appropriate since i'm in Florida. INLAND, but Florida. Also, i lean towards cottage - not formal, not tuscan, not french country. Simple, coastal style.

Should we start with the front door? Here is a pic of my 'cottage'. I really don't like the color. ick. I LOVE the line of the roof. I hate my WHITE front door. I don't like the "Florida vernacular" style - but i think i can 'fix' it. LOL.

Here is a pic of house, somewhat similar (if you tilt the computer on it's side and then look) that has shutters - making it somewhat coastal/mediterranean. I LOVE that. I think i can do that on the right window. My windows are slightly arched - but they make those plank shutters arched too - so that would be kind of cool, no? As far as the color of house - i REALLY love the idea of a pale PALE blue (kind of a muddy blue) and brown shutters.

So, tell me, my virtual friends - yes, no, different ideas?


Natalie said...

First off, paint your front door BLACK or dark dark brown ....

Period -- end of discussion.

Ours was white -- we painted the house, well, you saw it, dark brown, cream trim, BLACK front door. Good feng sui too

maitlandmommy AKA Sheri said...

with the peach paint???? i def am painting the door - and was going dark brown/black - but what house color??

Amy said...

Oh pretty house!

The peach doesn't bother me (possibly because there are no pastel colored houses where I live), but the door does need to be darker.

Overall I like the direction you are going with that second picture - I love that!

Pop and Ice said...

Well, you could paint just the door a stand-out blue color - or paint the house a light blue and the door a nice, dark blue. Sounds divine to me. While I like the blue/brown combo, I think it's on its way out. Not that I follow fashion at all when I decorate. But I like the idea of blue/dark blue or blue/white. I just love blue!

Pop and Ice said...

Oh, and I like the shutters idea as well. It makes the house a little homier.

Natalie said...

Oh sorry - I forgot to comment on the house color -- the sandy blue would be pretty (almost a gray) but our house was PEACH too ... ask V ... and we painted it the prettiest brown from Sherwin Williams .. it was like getting a new house! LOVES IT!