Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Very Very Sweet Surprise

Look at this puppy. Isn't this great?? This was just the greatest surprise this afternoon from a very sweet person. And she wrote such a nice card that made me smile all afternoon. I know, i'm getting all sappy on ya. Screw that, it's my blog and i can write sap if i want to. Hmmm, all of that screaming at the Things about the proper way to dust has really paid off - i can see a reflection in the table. Ahhh...and who said screaming at your kids doesn't get you anything. Ha suckers, keep believing that - I HAVE BAPTIST BOOTCAMP DOWN TO A SCIENCE IN THIS HOUSE.

I have been under tremendous stress as of late. Parent/Teacher conferences, multiple showings for my house - traffic in, traffic out (SELL ALREADY DAMMIT). And, then of course, the hostile takeover my company's in right now. it really isn't a hostile's a merger of complimentary companies...cough, gag, cough...SPEW. And, did i mention that before i came to this company, i left a company I had been with for 11 years because THE SAME DAMN AQUIRING COMPANY BOUGHT THAT COMPANY TOO??

I will very soon be employed by the same company that I RAN SCREAMING AWAY FROM 2 years ago. Talk about the universe trying to send you a message.

Anyway...back to the sweet angel that blessed me with this gift today. This is from Ms. Kim! Kimberly works a company that handles a big piece of my business (hey, i'm nothing if not specific LOL) Anyway, she GETS ME. And i lose things constantly. important things. like emails. about stuff. stuff that's important. AND SHE ALWAYS HAS THEM AND RESENDS THEM TO ME. You rock Kimberly. And...the more I write this...the more it dawns on me that I SHOULD BE SENDING THIS TO YOU. Well, guess what chickie - i'd love to share but the only thing left of that thing is STICKS, sticks sticking out of some cabbage-y looking stuff that i'm pretty sure isn't meant to be eaten. But, trust me....those chocolate strawberries are...uhm....were...yeah, that's it...were...they're gone remember... AMAZING.

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