Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Front Door Progress!

Sometimes things happen that are more liberating than you would have thought.

The listing for house expired. I decided not to renew.

It was beyond freeing. Not the constant rush to get out of the house for a showing - or the constant cleaning (don't tell anyone, but i'm beginnng to like that part.) But the 'not knowing'. of what kind of offer was coming, if it was a decent offer would it even appraise out for the buyer, would we even find a house that was worth the hassle that I could afford and not just hate that payment every month. Anyway. I'm good. I slept the entire night through.

I decided to work with the peach color on the house - mostly because that 3K to re-paint the house can go to other fun stuff - and while it annoys me - i think what i picked can work!

Here's the pallete. The peach stays. The cream trim (that i thought was white until i put a white and a cream against it) stays. The green closest to the peach is Homestead Resort Olive by Valspar - that would be the shutter color. The brown purple is Chocolate Raspberry by Valspar. The name alone makes it worth the purchase don't you think?

Here is the gross apartment doorhandle set. Isn't it just the most beautiful and welcoming thing ever??? yea, me too. So...keep scrolling for the choices to replace that beauty!

Now here is a nice shiny brass set that just sparkles against that purplish brown color. But...i'm not a brass fan...however, it IS pretty against that door color....beside that is a rubbed bronze set that I ADORE. However, it gets lost against that dark color, so i'm not probably going to choose it...BUT ISN'T JUST SO PRETTY??


Amy said...

I love the shutter and door colors, and you do need the brass set with that door (and it's pretty!).

We all need a brass set. heh.

Pop and Ice said...

I agree with Amy. I love the Chocolate Raspberry for the door and the brass set for the doorhandle. It will be standout gorgeous!

Carrie said...

I like that purply colour!