Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Front Door Update - with pictures even!

Ok, so I've been MIA from the blog universe - but it hasn't been without good reason! I've been busy doing what i set out to do - recreate my own little house. Starting with the front entry. And it only cost $11.23. Even better!

All of you were in agreement that the door needed to be painted - the stark white had no character - and i couldn't have agreed more. So, without further delay - let's take one last look at what it looked like before:

it didn't look bad, it just looked builder boring. Here she is all dressed up in plum :) I just noticed that because i had no lights on the house - the side window looks painted too! LOL. It's just dark inside...it didn't disappear.

Here's a close up of the color:

Stay tuned - another budget redo tomorrow!


lisa said...

Look great!

Pop and Ice said...

The close up picture looks rather grey to me - perhaps it's the lighting? But the distance photo surely looks plum delicious!

Natalie said...


Looks awesome!!