Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am officially my own worst enemy.

I got my 9 year old (10 on the 19th as if that matters) a phone for Christmas.

I knew that I would get lots of head shakes from half of our family/friends, and the other half (actually, maybe 2/3's) would not even bat an eye. That is either the perk or the curse of having V work for a cell carrier - while there is cost - it is palatable thus more of our friends' kids have cell phones in their pudgy, sticky, ten year old hands.

I did get it for a very selfish reason - i wanted to be able to call him directly without having to ring his dad's phone every time i wanted to hear his and his brother's voice. And i thought, this child never really asks for anything (unlike his brother), and this one thing he has asked for all year. We even gave him a dummy model back in the summer that i had used in retail when i worked for Sprint and told him that if he could produce the phone every time i asked and it wasn't destroyed or lost - we might consider getting him one for Christmas.

It was the one thing that wasn't lost or detroyed this year. huh.

Fast forward to today. So far:

  1. He has called me from his bedroom to talk to my while I'm in the kitchen.
  2. Called his dad NUMEROUS times while watching bowl games so that they can 'watch together'.
  3. Taken some very unflattering pictures of all of us for his contacts so that these pictures can be enjoyed by all every time one of us decides to call him.
  4. Texted me from the couch while i'm in the
  5. Calls and checks his minutes balance so much Sprint is going to call him back and ask him to stop.
  6. and the final straw - he googled my name and found ALL OF MY POSTS AND HAS BEEN READING THEM OUT LOUD TO THOSE THAT SHOULDN'T HEAR ALL OF WHAT I'VE BEEN BLOGGING. Why he never did that on the laptop i don't know and it's a mute point now.
So. How to deal. how to deal. Delete old posts or say "Screw it. Those are my words and were honestly portraying how I felt at the time."


Amy said...

Oh NO! I was laughing at you until that last one about the googling and the reading of posts to people who don't know about ye old blog site.


I don't know-- how many things would have to be saved back to draft? I think I'd be surgical about it, and sort through and save back to draft the really "sensitive" stuff and let the rest fly.

And now is he going to be a reader? Because CRAP.

maitlandmommy AKA Sheri said...

i'm hoping that he forgets. soon. but yea, Amy, CRAP.

Carolyn...Online said...

What's wrong with kids these days? He's supposed to be looking at porn, not reading his mother's blog.


Soozcat said...

The best way to handle this, of course, is to start posting lots and lots of blog entries about him and various embarrassing things he's done. I imagine he'll stop reading aloud pretty quickly.