Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You know how holding someone's hair when they puke makes you REALLY tight with them?

i can top it.

It's been a confusing, strange path of late - between me, the ex and the girlfriend/fiance of his. Some of which i've blogged about. A lot of which i haven't. A lot - and i mean a LOT girlfriends - of time on my knees, forgetting what time it was, praying in earnest to show me what to do and how to do it, and the strength to do it with.

It's ok.

I got to"peace".

We've talked. A lot. I found out that I really like her. Like, as in, we would probably be friends if we met up and there was no ex involved. We have glasses of wine, stories about family, jobs, and kids. And it isn't forced. It.just.is. And that's good.

But tonight - tonight it went past that.

My youngest, my Nate, my baby, is sick. Stayed home from school today with stuffy nose, headache, and sore throat.

This was his dad's day - so i went by to see him and see if he needed anything. She walked me up to his room where he was on his bed and as i sat down with the walgreen's bag in my lap on one side of him, she sat on the other.

And that is about when he turned around and projectile threw up. We're not talking baby or toddler puke. We're talking kid, chunk puke (nice visual, huh?).

As i grabbed the bag i had to hold under him - she held his forehead. She never flinched. No gag reflex action. Believe me. I watched. closely. when you haven't had kids - it's hard to stifle that. once you've had one - you hardly notice.

And when he finally settled down, he looked at me and leaned back against her.

and i thought, THAT'S the kind of person that i want backing me up when i'm not around. And as sad as it is - i can't be there every minute - but when i'm not - she will be. And that's ok.


Maja said...

wow Sheri, you truly are an inspiration, you have an inner strength like few people do and you can clearly see the good in people when that may be the last thing you want to do. This story really resonated with me, thanks for sharing it.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I think that through all that "knee time" you had, God reached in and opened your heart, removing the walls (and the padlocks and chain link) so you could be open to seeing the possibility of something good. Kudos to you, and kudos to the GF cuz kid puke is nasty. Hope the little guy is feeling better.

Amy said...

This is so great. Really, I have the whole ex and step dad thing with my daughter and there is a lot of giant FAIL in terms of the men in her life. You are very lucky, and you are right to recognize it -- she sounds really good.

Party of 5 said...

That makes me want to cry. Allowing someone to love your child openly and completely like that is difficult. I look forward to following your blog!