Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That's going to be a 2 minute penalty...

Conversation in the backseat during a 2 hr car ride.

Walker: "Nate, why are you bringing that stupid thing - it's not a real hockey stick."

Nate: "I know that. But i like it and i can use it as one."

Walker: "That's retarded, you don't even have anything to use for a puck. And you have to play outside on the driveway. You need a ball, There's not going to be a ball at the condo."

Nate: "You don't know - there might be one in the garage."

Walker: "Whatever - you KNOW you're gonna need a ball."

Nate: "Well.. I could just use your head."

Ok, see - now i KNOW that i wasn't supposed to laugh - especially OUT LOUD at that. You should never ever show appreciation at one child's humor at another child's expense. But oh my freakin' god - Walker just got checked.


Rose said...

How could you not laugh? That's FUNNY! Wonder where he got such a great (sarcastic) sense of humor?

Licha said...

I don't think I'd be able to hold back the laughter either! We should totally be able to laugh at our kids - it's the reward we get for all the mind-numbing work we have to do :-)