Monday, December 29, 2008

So when do you chuck it all and follow your bliss?

and how does one determine their "bliss"?

I mean, i'm pretty sure that i when i was 7 years old I didn't think "Man, I can't wait to grow up and manage operations for an ISP - that's going to ROCK." ...yeah, certain on that one.

For starters, ISPs didn't exist.

For seconders - i'm pretty sure it went something like "When I grow up I want to be veterinarian". And then when i found out later that i had to go to college for like a gazillion years (hey, when you're 7, a gazillion years is all relative) I decided that I was just going to marry William Gailey and be his wife and have kids.

Then i started to really sound out his last name and decided, eh, maybe not so much.

That's when i just gave up planning my future and just decided that i didn't need to decide on anything serious like that at 7 years old. Actually, it was more likely that i discovered Shawn Cassidy and started to set my sights a little higher.

Unfortunately, that indecision stayed with me through the first few years of college.

Freshman Year
Dad: "What's your major?"
Me: "Journalism"
Dad: "I'm not paying for you to get a degree that won't earn you back the equivalent of your tuition in 2 years. Try again."

Freshman Year - Summer before Sophomore Year
Dad: "Have you decided on your major?"
Me: "Journalism"

Dad:"THAT AGAIN? Look you don't have to decide until next year anyway, try out a few things."

Sophomore Year
Dad: "You need to decide on your major:
Me: "What do YOU want it to be?"
Dad: "Anything that makes you happy."
Me: "Writing makes me happy."
Dad: "Then write about all the money you're making as an attorney."

And, i went to school one more semester and then...I DROPPED OUT.

And became a flight attendant. Are you proud now Daddy?"

And then I went into sales, and that job turned into a marketing job, which led to marketing manager's job, which led to operations which is where i now sit. AND I AM NOT FOLLOWING MY BLISS. I DO love my boss, and i actually really like doing what i'm doing, and i love the fact that i can sit by the pool and do my job remotely. THAT ROCKS. yes it does. BUT..This company. It is a really stressful environment. And those pool days - they rarely happen. It's more than likely you will find me sitting at my desk at 7 am and still there checking email at 7 in the evening. Where's the joy of remote work if you're tied to the desk longer than if you had to report to an office?? Not to mention, there's this little tiny voice that says "what about what I want to do?" - does that count?

I was eating breakfast with the driving teenager this morning who's getting ready to enter college soon and I gave her the only advice i could - FOLLOW YOUR HEART and the money will follow you. I wish someone had given me that advice a lot sooner. I hope she heeds those words.

So this year, I am going to work on following my bliss. Unfortunately, my bliss is turning out to be stalking houses. And flipping houses right now - not the best idea. But i am going to devote time and energy this year into what things i CAN do revolving around design and real estate. That part, the house part, i get honestly. Both my grandfather and father were builders/remodelers by trade. My dad went back to restoring houses for his second career in retirement, after doing that before his first 'real career' in aerospace. And since rockets aren't my gig...well...

Don't worry, there will be no sudden moves - but i have had enough of working for the 'man'.

and who is this man anyway?


Rose said...

Do it, do it, do it. Take any step - small or large - that takes you into at least a piece of your bliss, Sheri. We get this one life, so let's not squander it, but make every moment possible count. (I understand that cleaning up after the sick pug is difficult to make "count.") I, too, kind of wandered into my current position, which didn't exist 20 years ago; forunately, it has facets that I really love and I'm able to use some of my talents well.

Licha said...

I think it's awesome that you are trying to find and follow your bliss!! I think it's a key to a happy and fulfilled life!

I'm not quite sure what MY bliss is exactly. I think I'm with you, writing...communicating...that makes me happy. If only I could make money from it :-)

rebecca said...

oh, this is sad. please follow your is never too late. perhaps journalism no longer holds the attraction it once held, but writing still evidently does - you are a very good writer. continue doing what you like on the end that will garner greater economic stability, but don't forget to honor your heart - and your heart speaks the words of your truth.

i am putting you on my blogroll and i look forward to reading more of your words....

i came here by way of rose over at the center of myself....and so glad i did.

Lisa said...

I just found your blog via Rose's and just love it. I'll be stopping by again. :)

Have a wonderful day!