Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reality Check-mate

conversation heard over coffee while reading the Sunday paper between the sheets this morning:

him: " know, it's like that Bob Newhart drinking game - 'Hi Bob' - where you take a drink everytime someone says 'Hi Bob'."

me: "oh, you mean The Cheers game where everyone takes a drink when they yell "NORM!" ."
him: "nooo, i mean Newhart."

me: "i forgot you're old - of course you watched Newhart during the first run, where as I watched it on Nick at Night"

him: "look, you picked me."
me, spitting out my latte on the Sunday crossword puzzle: "what???"

him: "you did."
me: "let me remind you how it REALLY went down. You called me at work and i think the conversation went like this: 'hey, how are you? what's going on?" and i said something like.."who IS this?" and you said " know, you really know how to keep a guy's ego in check."

him: "Yeah, but that was all fake. You were pretending not to know me. You were playing hard to get."
me: " was i playing hard to get when you booked a hotel room and drove 2 hrs to take me out and i didnt' even remember we had a date so you had to drive 2hrs back home?"

him: "shut up."


Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

Heh. This makes me wish my husband had a sense of humor so I could blog about him.

Rose said...

lol! selective memory is a gift!