Monday, October 26, 2009

It's all in the presentation.

Yesterday was our Sunday School fall festival and Spook-ghetti lunch after service. Instead of it being a potluck, the youth group cooked the dinner and sold tickets for the dinner and the festivities outside.

It served 2 purposes - to raise money for our youth mission trip to someplace ( i know, horrible, can't remember without pulling my bulletin and i'm too lazy to get that right now) and to keep the kids busy so that we could have a church meeting after the lunch while the kids were occupied.

We had a bake-walk for the kids and i volunteered to make cookies or cupcakes or something easy.

But it's never easy, really, is it?

Easy bar cookies or iced cupcakes turned into decorated sugar cookies.

Do you people know how hard it is to decorate a sugar cookie? And how much TIME it really takes? You do? oh, see, i should have read up on this before i said "Sure honey, Mommy will make the BEST cookies out there!"

It's a process.

Scan the pantry: flour - check! Oh wait, this is self-rising, put on list. sugar - check! Butter - check! oh wait, this is salted. put it on the list. Oh, reminder, salt - wait sea salt won't work....anyway you get the picture.

I let Walker make the dough. He likes the kitchenAid mixer we have. I plugged it in, blew the dust off of the top of it, and let him have at it. It started doing this really bad wobbling though, and i looked at him and said "I don't think it's supposed to do that." He looked back at me and in all seriousness said "yes, it is. and if you used it more than once a year you would know that."

Hmm. good point. Ok, smarmy 4th grader - GO MAKE THAT DOUGH YOURSELF then.

So he made the dough, and did the cut outs and i got relegated to do the decorating.

Did i tell you we're setting record heat highs for October again? We are. I bring this up because i would decorate a cookie, ice the cookie, set the cookie aside and come back to cookie and icing would be off of the cookie, on the tray, the table and in some cases the floor.

But there's AC you say? Yes, and there are polar bears too and my son the cookie dough king - says the AC is killing off those fluffy white beasts so we have tried to use it as little as possible. Icing isn't the only thing dripping and falling right now - think hair and makeup. It's not pretty.
Which is why, this picture is of them in the fridge. Keeping their clothes on.

But the cookies didn't come out half bad - i may even get into this more, provided the cookie dough king keeps that wobbling mixer monster away from me.

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