Thursday, February 19, 2009

For Milk kitchen can beat up your kitchen.

Have you met my friend Amy? She's my mirror. First, because she holds down a full time job and a husband and children, young ones and old ones. (me too). And we share a love of shoes. plus, we kind of have the same hair, at least when I actually take the time to brush mine. and get it trimmed. oh, and visit the salon for highlites and color. ok, that one now that i think about - maybe she trumps me on that one.

Anyway....this made me laugh because Amy? GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN. I have crap EVERYWHERE right now. You really shouldn't steal my thunder - I am the QUEEN of the CRAP pile. I feel like PigPen and the swirl of dirt that surrounds him wherever he goes. Maybe it has to do with living in extremely close quarters until we find something bigger, or maybe i can blame it on having 2 smaller children who zap every FREAKIN' ounce of energy i have. OR i can just blame it on my endless fascination with Big Love and the Housewives of New York and the bottle of Menage a Trois Shiraz that sucks me in. Regardless - here is a glimpse into my life right now:

Let's break it down, shall we? Ok the most obvious - the huge pile of laundry. Yea - had to move it HERE, out of the closet because i had the carpets cleaned. It's a work in progress, this moving of the crap from one room to another. Swing to the right and don't miss the EMPTY tequila bottle. Finished that last night, while pondering doing the laundry. The tequila won. Hey 409 - what the hell are you doing there - there is theme going on here man, no room for you, mister "let's get busy and scrub something"...

Now should you think i have totally slipped into slobdom - NEVER YOU WORRY - here is photo proof that some things STILL HAVE TO BE DONE. Perfect toes. Perfect Summer Sandals....ahhh...see i DO have my priorities.


Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

Oh my gosh!! Cute sandals and cute toes!!

WAY more important than the laundry, girl, and we know it.

Thanks for the linkage.

And Menage A Trois - good stuff yes?

maitlandmommy said...

honey, i bought it just for the name LOL. but yes - i ABSOFREAKIN love it - inexpensive, $10 bottle. so yea - good stuff :) btw - you're kitchen is so cheery - do you see how dark mine is? I HATE these cherry cabinets.

Sarah said...

I thought I was looking at pictures of my kitchen on both of your sites, except you were missing the half-unpacked boxes everywhere.

Cute sandals by the way!

Rose said...

Finally, home photos that look like real life and not like a catalog. Bravo! My office is the equivalent of your laundry room currently.

Cutesy toes and sandals!

Carolyn...Online said...

Your toes look fab.