Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm sorry, but it's time. I know you don't think so, but it is.

My children, not to mention V, are now convinced that mommy has indeed lost her mind. I started putting up Christmas decorations last night. I only got as far as the dining room before a glass of wine called me name. Thus the wreath lounging on the bench, and the nutcracker guarding the garland on the dining room floor.

See how brightly that sun is shining on my wreath? It's because it was about 90 degrees yesterday. More Margaritaville than White Christmas. And it's PRE Thanksgiving. MAJOR CRIME. Nate said it was rule that you couldn't decorate for one holiday BEFORE another. Obviously, he hasn't read Nester's rules about decorating. I think she and I would be BFFs IRL.
(see stepdaughter to be - i CAN text, so there.)

Are you living by the calendar right now like I am? Does it mock you like mine does? Do you hear a soft "tick tick tick" resembling a timebomb in your head? I thought once i had kids that damn clock would shut the EFF up. (See, i'm even curtailing my potty mouth. swear.) My calendar is not my friend right now.
  1. Round 2 of football season and practice - tick.
  2. Getting boys to beach house for Thxgiving holiday w/dad on Saturday - tick.
  3. Getting self pack and overnight to Tampa by Saturday night for step's band competition. tick.
  4. Get BACK to Winter Park by NOON the next day for our women's group to decorate the church for the holidays. tick.
  5. Thanksgiving week in Tallahassee. TICK TICK.
  6. Put the tree up, the lights on, and get the menu done. TICK TICK.
  7. Back from Tallahassee, fly to NYC for 4 days TICK TICK TICK.
  8. SHOPPING. WHEN IN IS THIS GOING TO GET DONE???? tick tick tick tick tick

I know y'all feel me. If you don't - just lie to me. Don't be those friends i hate that say "Oh... my shopping is done, i want to ENJOY the holidays." HOW CAN YOU ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS WITHOUT A PANIC ATTACK??? Pishposh, bring on the paxil - and i will wish you a Merry Christmas in no time flat.


Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

I'm WAITING for the tick tick tick so that I can decorate the tree. Weekend after Thanksgiving it will be. Which is a tad early for me this year, but I'm excited! Totally new theme on a frugal budget and craftiness. I think it's time!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

I started mine today in our breakfast table. When teenage L came from their College FAir, she almost fainted.

I said: next week-end is already first advent and I don't have time to clean and decorate the same day".

Well, I feel so calm although it's not much decorated yet.

Have a blessed week-end.

Carolyn...Online said...

I might just switch my 'check' to 'tick'... I like the sound of it. Tick. It's like I'm getting stuff done but also kind of having a seizure.